Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alex Maich
Market St Brantford

Alex Maich

Born over a decade after the death of John Bonham (1970's Drummer), 17 year old Alex Maich, still proudly dons the logo of popular 1970's rock band Led Zeppelin, on a black vintage t-shirt.

Growing up in New Market Ontario, Maich has been writing and performing music since the fifth grade.

The oldest of two brothers, Maich describes himself as being intensely shy as a boy, passing his time playing soft ball and exploring his interest in magic. With a strong passion for music his attention was often swayed to playing and composing music on his guitar.

Maich fondly recalls joining a friend in the school cafeteria during fourth period spare, to perform Nirvana's Where did you Sleep last Night, for fellow students.

Starting out Maich explains, he had a difficult time easing into public performances, always slightly self conscious about his vocal abilities,” I really didn't want people to hear my voice.”

Although he admits he still can be modest when it comes to his music, he says being behind his guitar somehow makes it easier. Now armed with his strings in hand and a powerful voice that is clear and refreshing, Maich can be found boldly performing on the public streets of Brantford Ontario, where he is currently an undergraduate student attending Wilfrid Laurie University. “I love doing it. It's cool to have people stop and listen ... nice to know there are people who want to hear...”

Apart from his music Maich has other aspirations. He plans to attend Law school when his current studies a Laurier are complete, a huge step from his prior employment. “I worked at Mary Browns.” he jokes, where he claims he became, “an expert on fried chicken”.